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Meet Catherine Ridley

I attended Faith Christian School from 8th grade in 2001 until graduating in 2006. It was such a blessing to be able to go to a school where Christ and His glory is the center of all that is taught and learned. I was in a graduating class of a whopping ten students! While the size was very small, the community aspect was great. Everyone knew everybody; we were family.
While at FCS my favorite memories were the countless hours of sporting events and the trips that we went on. Most years I played a sport every season. All the hours of practice and hard work always proved to be worth it when game time rolled around- hearing the crowd and seeing all the smiling faces cheering you on, the bus trips full of laughter with my friends, so many fun memories were made.
I was also able to go on many trips during my time at FCS. We went to DC and to the Florida keys several times while I was there. Those were such neat experiences, visiting historic sites in DC and getting to experience new things in the keys- that’s where my love for kayaking began.
After graduating from FCS I enrolled at North Greenville University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Media in 2010. From there I went on to earn my Master of Arts degree in Intercultural Studies in 2014 from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. SEBTS is located in Wake Forest, NC, which is where I currently reside. It has very much become my home.
I am now working full-time as a Faculty Assistant here at Southeastern Seminary. I am a covenant member at North Wake Church, where I serve with the Women’s ministry and the Children’s ministry. I often speak at events and classes at the Seminary; I am also usually planning decorations for an event or two at a time.
In addition, I serve as a Counselor at Hope Counseling Center, loving the broken and suffering while pointing them to Christ and His Word through Biblical counsel. Meanwhile, I am in the early stages of preparing to take the gospel overseas and do life with Italians in the city of Rome. Amidst it all, I am intentional in loving my neighbors and sharing Christ’s good news of salvation, grace, and hope for their future. Things haven’t always been easy, but the Lord has always been faithful!
As an adult and friend to many mothers, I see the value in a Christian school education. At such a young formidable age, it is vital to the child’s development that they are guarded from the temptations and hardships that exist in our fallen world. While we are still a sinful people, being surrounded by followers of Christ is a huge part of discipling young believers, while molding them into the men and women that they will become.
I would encourage parents to prayerfully consider enrolling your students at Faith Christian School. They will be grateful in the long run.

Meet Jennifer Harkleroad

I attended Faith Christian School from 1993-2000. We were the schools first graduating class. I have so many fond memories from Faith, our classes were small and intimate and we were able to build long lasting relationships with our classmates, and our teachers. Our teachers were people we could talk to, not just about our studies but about our personal lives. They were able to give us direction and guidance. I learned so much and I laughed equally as much, from passing notes when our teachers backs were turned, to begging our teachers to let us go outside to "study", I could go on about the fun times but will say my last and best memory would have to be meeting, dating and later marrying my husband. When I finished FCS, I like my other classmates when on to college, where I studied Medical Assisting and Associates of Arts. I married in 2002.
God had blessed me with my hearts desire of being a wife and later being a stay at home mother to our girls. I was given an amazing opportunity in January of 2015 to become a paralegal for my sisters Law Firm and to work alongside of incredibly talented individuals, dealing primarily with Real Estate, Probate and Estate Planning.
I would greatly urge parents that are looking into schools for their children to send them to Faith Christian School, where they will not only get a wonderful education,that will take them where they need to go to succeed in life, but they will gain the spiritual tools that will sustain them in life!
* We are proud to begin this new feature on our Facebook page and shining the light on the great things our alumni are doing. Look for more features soon!