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April 24, 2019
By Joy Figueroa

“Empathy and the “Feels

Isn’t it upsetting when things get out of control, someone hurts you or your child is being defiant? Our preschool department has been working on a book study called “Conscious Discipline” by Dr. Becky Bailey.  One of the seven chapters in her book is dedicated to the feeling of Empathy. Dr. Bailey states to get to the heart of these trying times we need to be a S.T.A.R. which stands for “Smile, Take a deep breath ,And Relax”. We have adapted this in our classes as “Stop, Take a deep breath, And Relax”.  While becoming a STAR, you also need to accept things as they are instead of focusing on what should of happened or what you wanted to happen. This is also the time to pray. “Feelings are not caused by events, but by our perception of events” (Bailey,pg 191). When your child or student is upset, watch how you react because your reaction teaches that child how to respond to others when they are upset. Using the feeling of Empathy, you do not need to agree or disagree with the situation, but rather the key is to STAR, accept the situation as it is, listen, mirror what the individual expressed, respond with understanding, and then strive to help them find a solution. I would recommend this book study as Dr. Bailey offers a wealth of insight and knowledge about how Conscious Discipline connects to certain parts of the brain that are responsible for an individual's reaction and how you can help children (and adults) work through those tough times the "brain smart" way.


FCS's Blog

March 18, 2019
By Coach Steve Guerry
As someone who coaches for a living, I always have sports on the brain and it’s hard to shut it off. Even when listening to a sermon, I always try to relate it to my teams and how I can use the word to improve myself and the team. A friend recently told me about a sermon at her church, and I couldn’t help but see the parallels between my team and the young people in general at our school.
The story was about an Ancient Roman warfare tactic called the Testudo Formation, or Tortoise Formation. Plutarch describes this formation as used by Mark Antony during his invasion of Parthia in 36 BC:
"Then the shield-bearers wheeled round and enclosed the light-armed troops within their ranks, dropped down to one knee, and held their shields out as a defensive barrier. The men behind them held their shields over the heads of the first rank, while the third rank did the same for the second rank. The resulting shape, which is a remarkable sight, looks very like a roof, and is the surest protection against arrows, which just glance off it”
The formation looked remarkably like a tortoise, with shields covering the army from top to bottom with no space for enemy weapons to penetrate. However, if one person was not holding their shield up, then there was a weakness among the group that made them vulnerable. Ephesians 6:16 is a scripture that highlights the importance of holding your shield up, as well.
In every situation, take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
In this case, it isn’t necessarily a war against people, but a war against evil. We are stronger together, but having faith isn’t just enough. We must hold up our faith and display. Without each of us holding up our faith as if it is urgent, we are leaving someone close to us exposed to the fiery arrows of the world.
This story of the Tortoise Formation is something I would like to share with our athletes on two levels. First, if everyone is not doing their job, then there will be a weakness in our team. Second, as a friend and teammate, you must hold up your shield of faith to protect and encourage and protect those that are struggling with the everyday challenges that young people face. It also applies to us a school community. We all have faith, but how much more effective would we be if we could all display that faith together?


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January 24, 2019
By Darcy Turner
A Firm Foundation
Most of us are familiar with the song of the wise man and the foolish man.  In Matthew 7 God’s word tells of the man who built his house on the rock and when the storms came his house stood while the foolish man chose a foundation of sand for his house.  We know from that well known children’s song that his house went SPLAT! This scripture is trying to teach the importance of following and doing God’s word. It is His word and our trust in Him that makes our foundation strong when the storms come.  
Webster’s Dictionary defines a foundation as “an underlying base or support.” As an elementary principal I believe a strong foundation is the key to future spiritual and academic success.  How can we build that foundation?
1.Be prayerful.  Pray for your students daily.  Pray for their protection, their relationship with God and others, their understanding, and their teacher.  Pray that they will be diligent in all they do and that God will help them to discover the purpose He has for them.
2. Be present.  You are your students’ first and most influential teacher and their best advocate, and their biggest fan.  They need you involved in the important things of their lives.  Help them with their homework, read to them, tell them stories of your childhood, cheer them on in their interests and hobbies. Allow them to fail and work through things that are difficult for them.  Even if they don’t say it they want and need your approval, praise, and discipline.   
3.Be prompt.  Teach your students that timeliness is important and others’ time is as valuable as theirs. Timeliness helps to form good routines and habits.   
4. Be prepared.  Having all of their supplies and assignments for the day is vital to your student’s success at school.  When students are unprepared for the day they cannot fully participate in the activities in the classroom.  They are unable to check their assignments and show their understanding. Students’ grades often suffer when they are not prepared for the day.
5. Be Playful.  Your job is not to be your child’s friend, but we all need to have some fun.  Make sure you take time during your day to laugh and have some fun. Laughing and having fun helps to build relationships.  
The foundation that is built in elementary school will help students reach their potential and achieve the future success we are hoping for.  Don’t discount the important role you play and the example that you set for your students everyday. Let’s determine to partner together and build foundations that can withstand any storm that comes.


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January 11, 2019
By Joy Figueroa
What can we all learn from Martin Luther King Jr? As this special day approaches many of us take for granted the freedoms that we have because of Dr. King’s stand. He stood for the Christian faith and he stood for ALL people. Race, abilities/disabilities, genders, appearance...none of these things truly matter. We are all one race and all children of the most high and mighty God.  So, let’s reflect on Dr. King’s dream and legacy and continue to be ALL IN, in all that we say and do...may it bring light and love.


While walking through a toy store the day before today, I overheard a crayon box with many things to say.

"I don't like Red!" said Yellow, and Green said "Nor do I" "And no one here likes Orange but no one knows just why".

"We are a box of crayons that doesn't get along,” Said Blue to all the others "Something here is wrong".

Well, I bought that box of crayons and took it home with me, And laid out all the colors so the crayons all could see.

They watched me as I colored with Red and Blue and Green, And Black and White and Orange and every color in between.

They watched as Green became the grass and Blue became the sky, The Yellow sun was shining bright on White clouds drifting by.

Colors changing as they touched becoming something new, They watched me as I colored - they watched me till I was through.

And when I finally finished I began to walk away, And as I did the crayon box had something more to say.

"I do like Red!" said Yellow, and Green said, "So do I!" And Blue you were terrific! So high up in the sky!

"We are a box of crayons each one of us unique, But when we get together the picture is more complete."


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