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FCS Blog

December 02, 2020
By Joy Figueroa

Stand Firm Against Distractions

We all have things that we are responsible for.  Some of our commitments are to provide for our families, teaching and caring for our students, being supportive and dependable to our peers, friends and family.  As Christians, we are also called to be committed to God and to His work.  The enemy loves to step in the way of God’s work, he loves to distract God’s people.  The enemy loves to cause chaos and confusion to get us off track.  So, we have to stop, refocus and get back on track.  

How do you get back on track?  Recognize what is happening.  Stop and ask yourself if the situation and circumstances are from God.  If your answer is no, take the situation to him in prayer.  Sometimes those pesky distractions just won’t let up.  Stand firm, you are not alone.  

Nehemiah 4:14-15 is a great example of determination to complete the work that God had set for him to do.  Nehemiah faced opposition in rebuilding the city walls in Jerusalem.  Their enemies taunted, mocked and threatened them.  Through prayer, God’s wisdom, holy protection and faith, Nehemiah and his crew were able to fulfill God’s work.  

Our mission may not be as big as rebuilding city walls but our missions can be bridges to another sector of God’s vision. Stay determined, seek the Lord and keep on building.