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Fifth grade students will experience a classroom setting that requires more individual responsibility and accountability.  They are in the process of preparing for middle school.  Students will engage in cooperative learning groups learning through technology as well as several writing projects.  Bob Jones, ACSI, and Building on the Rock  materials and curricula are utilized daily in the classroom.
  • Bible: Stewardship theme-  God sustains His creation, we are stewards of God’s creation, through Christ the heavens and earth will be made new
  • Penmanship: improving cursive handwriting, modeling good cursive handwriting by copying scripture, quotes, poems etc.
  • Reading: literal and inferential comprehension, drawing conclusions, making predictions, reading a variety of  literary genres, main character, setting, plot, study skills, writing a variety of compositions
  • English: identifying parts of speech, sentence types and sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, writing skills and projects, reference and study skills, listening and speaking skills
  • Math: addition up to six digits, commutative associative and identity properties, subtraction with six digits, zero principle, multiplication two digits times two or three digits, GCF & LCM, long division 2-4 digits with remainders, solving equations, equivalent and improper fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, estimation, geometry, measurement, problem solving, data collection and graphing, and ratios and proportions
  • History: map skills, a chronological presentation from Columbus to present, roles of the three branches of government, inventions, the stock market, supply and demand, religions, and customs
  • Science: life cycles, matter, force and work, natural resourses
  • Special Areas: music, art, library, PE, computer