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Fourth grade students are continuing to become more independent.  They experience a variety of learning activities to include cooperative learning groups, interactive notebooks and learning through technology. Bob Jones, ACSI, and Building on the Rock materials and curricula are utilized in the classroom daily.
  • Bible: Servanthood Theme- we were created to serve others, the role of family and government, the effects of sin, redemption through Christ
  • Penmanship: improving cursive handwriting, modeling good cursive handwriting by copying scripture, quotes, poems etc.
  • Reading: vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, literal and inferential comprehension, reading a variety of literary genres, character, plot, setting, poetry, study skills, and types of composition
  • English: identifying parts of speech, sentence types and sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, writing skills and projects, reference and study skills, listening and speaking skills
  • Math: addition up to six digits, commutative associative and identity properties, subtraction with six digits, zero principle, multiplication two digits times two or three digits, long division 2-4 digits with remainders, solving equations, equivalent and improper fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, estimation, geometry, measurement, problem solving, data collection and graphing
  • History: map skills, World War I, World War II, Indians, the 50 states,  branches of government, voting, supply and demand, evangelism and missionaries, cause and effect, and timelines
  • Science: animal habitats, food chains, outer space, and the human body
  • Special Areas: music, art, library, PE