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What am I going to do after high school? How much is college going to cost and how can I afford it? How do I know which courses to take? Why is my GPA important? Faith Christian School’s high school guidance department exists not only to answer these questions but to provide students and their parents the tools necessary to be prepared for life after high school. From ninth grade parent/student meetings to individual interviews with juniors and seniors, it is our goal to ensure our students have every opportunity to succeed in their post high school endeavors.
There are many college and career related events happening at FCS and around the community throughout the school year. Information will be shared in the high school newsletter, The Knight Times, and emailed out as it becomes available.


Parents and students are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss student progress and preparation for college. If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact Maggie Todd at 843-873-8464 or


Colleges and Universities students have attended