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6th grade- Bob Jones University Press
Grammar skills along with pertinent reference skills ,and the writing process  for 8 types of writing and a research project  are a part of the grammar instruction .Students are exposed to a variety of character building stories and classical literature while incorporating biblical principles in their literature class. The literature class emphasizes literary elements, vocabulary, and critical thinking.
7th Grade- Bob Jones University
FCS begins an advanced grammar program in 7th grade and each class studies one year ahead. 7th grade  writing and grammar include an overview of the writing process and many focused writing activities including a character sketch,persuasive essay and a research project. Students also participate in public speaking and presentations. 7th grade literature introduces author meaning and purpose and focuses on literary terms as well incorporating themes and Biblical Principles  . Vocabulary lessons from roots and stems in the Word within a Word curriculum.
8th Grade -  Bob Jones University
8th grade writing and grammar reinforces all writing skills while reviewing all parts of speech. Students write 4 major essays and a research project. In Literature students sharpen their critical thinking  as they evaluate the strengths of good writing and  various writing  techniques. Students  are exposed to and discuss  themes of Christian and non-Christian writers.
Vocabulary lessons are continued from roots and stems in the Word within a Word curriculum.