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At the second grade level students should have a strong foundation in phonics and reading.  They are working toward becoming more independent in the classroom and have more responsibility with daily and homework assignments.  They continue to engage in learning games and activities to enhance learning.  ABEKA, Bob Jones, and Building on the Rock materials and curricula are utilized daily in the classroom.
  • Bible: Fellowship Theme- we are created for God’s glory, sin separates us from fellowship with God, we have restoration through Jesus
  • Phonics: review and master phonics rules and special sounds
  • Penmanship: continue practice of manuscript letters, introduction to cursive letter, slanting, spacing, and connecting letters
  • Reading: read a variety of literature genres, informational texts, silent and oral reading, comprehension, and vocabulary
  • English: parts of speech, sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, proofreading, creative writing, dictionary, and listening and speaking skills
  • Math: write and count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s up to 9,999, adding and subtracting up to 4 digits, numbers, regrouping, multiplication 0-5 & 10, division 1-5, simple equations, word problems, comparing fractions, money, plane shapes, solid figures and lines;area; estimating; measurement; reading charts and graphs
  • History: map skills, founding of the colonies revolutionary war, government, economics, Native American and colonial cultures
  • Science: solar system, energy, animal classification, plants, and weather
  • Special Areas: music, art, library, PE