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Third grade is a year of transition and great growth for our students. Our students are becoming more independent and accept more responsibility for assignments and behavior. Bob Jones, ACSI, and Building on the Rock curricula and materials are utilized in the classroom daily.
  • Bible: Fellowship Theme- we are created in God’s image, the consequences of sin, we have redemption through Jesus
  • Penmanship: continued practice and mastery of formation of cursive letters, slanting, spacing, letter connection, and writing sentences and paragraphs
  • Reading: read a variety of literature genres, character, setting, plot, conflict comprehension, study skills, poetry, story mapping, and informational text
  • English:  parts of speech, simple and complete subject and predicate, types of sentences, capitalization, punctuation, creative writing,study and reference skills, & listening and speaking skills
  • Math: adding and subtracting up to 5 digits, regrouping, multiplication with regrouping, division with remainders, solving equations, fractions including mixed numbers, measurement, data collection, and graphing
  • History: map skills, timelines, fact and opinion, cause and effect, Revolutionary War, French and Indian War, Civil War, Western Expansion, Bill of Rights, Articles of Confederation, importing and exporting, flag etiquette
  • Science: magnetism, space, and simple machines
  • Special Areas: music, art, library, PE