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Frequently Asked Questions for Faith Christian School


Are we an accredited school? We are fully accredited with ACTS (Christian accreditation), SCISA (SC private school accreditation), and AdvancED (national accreditation).

Are our teachers degreed? Preschool teachers meet SC standards for child care and are required to complete annual CEUs. All other faculty members have a four-year degree and are required to complete CEUs to maintain a teaching certificate with either the state or accreditation agency.

Will my student have the number of credits in the appropriate classes for college acceptance? Yes, Faith’s curriculum and course schedule for grades 8-12 is designed to give your student the necessary credits and skills to succeed at any college they choose to attend.

Do we offer Spanish in elementary, middle and high? Spanish I, II, and III are taught starting 9th Grade. This year the middle school has added a French enrichment class.

Do we teach common core? We do not teach common core. We teach standards using a variety of Christian Curricula.

What is our teacher-student ratio? In preschool, the average ratio is 1:12, however, most of our classes are 1:8. In elementary our average class size is 13-15; however, this does not mean classes are full. Maximums are K-1: 16, 2-3:18, 4-5:20. High school has an average ratio of 1:11, depending on the class taken.

What curriculum do we use? In preschool and elementary school we use ABEKA and Bob Jones University curricula. Middle school and high school use mainly Bob Jones University with other curricula used for specific classes.

Do we have many issues with discipline? We do have some discipline issues because we have students and students make poor decisions at times. These issues are dealt with as soon as we are made aware of the situation.

How do we handle discipline problems? We generally don’t have a lot of discipline/bullying issues. If a problem arises we try to involve parents. After parent contact, we follow the policy outlined in our family handbook.

What are our school hours? School hours are 8:10-2:45 (2:30 for high school). We have a before and after school program for families that need to drop off or pick up their students outside of these times.

Do we follow Berkeley county for emergency school closings? Yes

Do our exterior doors remain locked during the school day? (Security) Yes. We have keyless entry for our teachers and staff and can allow visitors to enter the building remotely.

What extracurricular activities do we offer elementary, middle and high? Varsity and junior varsity athletics, youth league basketball, peewee cheerleaders, Beta Club, various SCISA academic events

How can families find out information on our dress code? The Family Handbook located on the school website under either Admissions or the Quicklinks outlines FCS’ dress code policy.

Do our students wear uniforms? Our students in 1st- 11th grades are required to wear uniforms. We have a separate dress code for our seniors.

Does Pre-K and kindergarten wear uniforms? No


How much is our tuition? Tuition ranges in price from K3 at $4,525 to High School at $5,899.

Are there any other fees? Yes, a $100 curriculum fee and $150 activity fee per year.

Do we offer financial assistance? Yes, you are welcome to apply for financial aid on line. There are also scholarships for Faith Assembly members.

Do we offer sports scholarships? We offer financial assistance, but do not offer scholarships.


What sports do we offer? Currently - Archery, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Track, Volleyball. Other sports can be added if there is enough student interest.

Do we have any sports available for elementary students? We offer a youth basketball program, pee wee cheerleading, and 4th and 5th grade can be part of the archery team.


Do we allow/encourage parent volunteers? We do encourage parent volunteers. We have several ways for volunteers to be involved. All volunteers must fill out a volunteer application and a background check will be performed .