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Junior Varsity Basketball is open to all FCS boys in 6th through 10th grades.  To be eligible to participate in all games and practices (including pre-season training, pre-season scrimmages, and post-season play-offs), students must have a current and completed physical with all related paperwork turned in prior to the beginning of the school year.  Students must also achieve and maintain grade point average requirements set by FCS.  Practices are normally held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (except on game days).  All eligible  students are encouraged to attend try-outs.


  • Season Summary
    The Knights had a successful season for the third consecutive year.  They matched their win percentage (62%) from last year.  The first half of the season was up and down as game play was inconsistent.  The Knights showed drastic improvement in the second half of the season as they went on a 5 game win streak.  The win streak was ended by a divisional loss by forfeit.  The team was against forfeiting the game because this ended their chance at a first ever undefeated divisional season record.  The Knights finished the season 3-1 in the division and 8-5 overall.  The Knights' best season was back in '12-'13 when they were 6-1 in the division and 16-5 overall.  Complete season box scores for the last 8 seasons are posted on the team season results page.
  • Away Game Locations

    The address to every away game can be found in the Upcoming Events section on the Knights Home Page.
    Volunteers needed for door admission and concessions at all home games.  If interested, please contact Mrs. Berdine in the Athletic Office during school hours at 873-8464 ext. 171 or by e-mail at
  • Season Scores
    For box scores of all games, click on "Season Results" under the team heading on right side of this page.



  • Head Coach

    Jonathon Vaughn
  • click to download / print roster