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To be eligible to participate in all games and practices (including pre-season training, pre-season scrimmages, and post-season play-offs), students must have a current and completed physical with all related paperwork turned in before the beginning of the school year.  Students must also achieve and maintain grade point average requirements set by FCS.  Practices are typically held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (except on game days). All eligible students are encouraged to attend tryouts.


Team Stats - Knights         Team Stats - Lady Knights


The Lady Knights had another dismal and disappointing season.  They finished 1-3 in their division and 4-13 overall.  Their performance on both offense and defense was an improvement over last year, which was their worst season in team history.  Compared to the last several seasons, other than last year, most of the statistics on offense and defense were consistent.  The Lady Knights have never had a winning season.  To view box scores for the entire season, click on the ‘Season Scores’ link below.  Team statistics are accessible by clicking on the link above.


An 'up and down' season for the Knights ended in round #2 of the SCISA State Play-offs.  When any sports team enters a new season as defending champions, expectations for another run at the championship are usually very high.  The Knights' fans and many other schools anticipated another very successful season by the Knights.  This, however, was not the same team that won the state championship.  Most of the starters from that team had graduated, so this season was going to be a huge question mark.  The Knights kicked off the season by winning 3 of the first 4 games.  The Knights then began to trade off wins and losses.  During the Christmas break, they lost 4 consecutive games, but then turned around and won 5 consecutive games.  The remainder of the season was up and down, trading off wins and losses.  The Knights finished the regular season with a 6-4 record in the division and 12-14 overall.  The Knights blew a few late 4th quarter leads which lead to their first losing season since the '17-'18 season.  Their division record earned the Knights a play-off spot.  The Knights defeated the Patriots (Wardlaw Academy) in round #1 before losing to the Wolves (Riverpointe Christian) in round #2.  Click on the season scores link below to see box scores of all games.

Coach Guerry Announces Resignation

After 6 successful years, Coach Guerry will resign at the end of the school year to pursue other opportunities.  Steve Guerry was hired in 2018 as the athletic director and boys varsity basketball coach.  Up to that point, the boys varsity basketball team had only 4 winning seasons and 4 play-off appearances in the last 12 years.  The 2016 and 2017 seasons were both losing seasons.  Coach Guerry, literally overnight, turned the program around and the Knights became a respected and successful team.  Coach Guerry and the Knights cranked out 5 consecutive winning seasons and 6 consecutive play-off appearances.  The highlight for the Knights and Coach Guerry was the 2022- '23 season.  The Knights were undefeated in their division (8-0) and were an unbelievable 27-2 overall.  The season ended with the Knights winning their first STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.  Coach Guerry is the most successful coach in school history.  During his six years as coach, the Knights were 88-50 overall, 24-16 in their division, and 6-5 in the play-offs.  THANK YOU Coach Guerry for six fantastic and exciting years.  You will be missed by your players and the athletic department staff.  The Knights, the athletic department, and FCS wish you well in your future endeavors.


Away Game Locations

The address for every away game can be found in the Upcoming Events section on the Knights Home Page.


Help Needed

Volunteers are needed for door admission at all home games. If interested, please contact Mrs. Berdine in the Athletic Office during school hours at 873-8464 or by e-mail at



Season Scores

View box scores of all games from current season as well as past seasons by clicking on the link below.

2023 -'24 Results                                              2023 -'24 Results

2022 -'23 Results                                              2022 -'23 Results

2021 -'22 Results                                              2021 -'22 Results

2020 -'21 Results                                              2020 -'21 Results

2019 -'20 Results                                              2019 -'20 Results

2018 -'19 Results                                              2018 -'19 Results

2017 -'18 Results                                              2017 -'18 Results

2016 -'17 Results                                              2016 -'17 Results

2015 -'16 Results                                              2015 -'16 Results

2014 -'15 Results                                              2014 -'15 Results

2013 -'14 Results                                              2013 -'14 Results

2012 -'13 Results                                              2012 -'13 Results

2011 -'12 Results                                              2010 -'11 Results            

2010 -'11 Results                                              2009 -'10 Results 

2009 -'10 Results                                              2008 -'09 Results     

2008 -'09 Results                                              2007 -'08 Results

2007 -'08 Results                                              2006 -'07 Results

2006 -'07 Results




Varsity Basketball is open to all FCS boys in 8th through 12th grades.


Roster / Schedule

Head Coach

Steve Guerry

2024 -'25 Roster

2024 -'25 Schedule


Lady Knights

Varsity Basketball is open to all FCS girls in 8th through 12th grades.


Roster / Schedule

Head Coach

Corey Hewett

2024 -'25 Roster

2024 -'25 Schedule